Bear Country - Cubs

The wonderful Casey family invited Cheap Family Travel to Bear Country USA for an exciting behind-the-scenes experience that included playing with some of their 26 bear cubs that were born this winter. The bears played outside for the first time, and they were darling to watch as they learned to walk, explore, and climb. They were surprisingly friendly, calm, and curious, but their little cub claws were like fish hooks. Bear Country in South Dakota is a great place for families to visit. We got to see up close grizzly and black bears, wolves, elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, bobcats, and porcupine, and beautiful peacocks were showing off for us! The staff at Bear Country Rapid City is equally gracious. As they prepared for Cubfest 2011, the park looked beautiful, the animals seemed ready for visitors, and the gift shop was well-stocked with all things bear! Bear Country South Dakota is a must-see for all visitors to South Dakota. Though you may not get to hold a bear, you can come in and visit the new bear cubs, and if you get a season pass, you'll be able to watch the bear cubs grow up before your very eyes. You'll see how every bear has a unique personality. Thanks so much to the Casey family for such an amazing experience.