Colorado Rafting - Wilderness Aware

In this episode of Cheap Family Travel, the family goes white water rafting in Colorado with Wilderness Aware Rafting. Wilderness Aware will give you some of the best rafting in Colorado, as it takes you whitewater rafting through Browns Canyon along the Arkansas River, and they also run trips down the Salt River in Arizona. Our family especially appreciated the little things that the company provided to make our experience so great, like the clean, professional equipment, a continental breakfast, sunscreen, and a friendly, well-trained staff. In fact, the staff goes through a month of rigorous training to be able to handle any kind of wild whitewater river rafting. Wilderness Aware Rafting conducts half-day up to 10-day rafting trips in Colorado, and they've installed the infrastructure to eventually supply 100% of its energy needs using renewable energy. It's that type of commitment to adventure and the outdoors that has led to the company twice being named Colorado's Business of the Year. Cheap Family Travel definitely recommends Colorado Rafting with Wilderness Aware.