Food is the killer of every large family.  Here are some tips that we use:

1.  Bring food with you.  Most amusement parks let you bring food and drinks in.  Sporting events let you bring in peanuts, sunflower seeds and waters.

2.  If you can’t bring it in, leave it in the car.  You can always take a break around lunchtime, get your hand stamped or a re-entry pass, go eat and then go back in.

3.  Need to taste the local cuisine? Like oysters in Boston, lobster in Maine, gumbo in New Orleans, or Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys, check out the appetizers or order one and pass it around.  Avoid expensive drinks, water goes with everything.  Yes, waiters and waitresses hate us.

4.  Ice Cream! This one kills me but the last time the six of us went out for ice cream, it cost us $21.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than ice cream after a hike or a day at the beach, but we just hit a local store and buy a box for a couple of bucks and everyone’s happy.  Otter Pops in the freezer are great too.

Just Overnight!

On the move and don’t want to pay for a campground that you’ll only be in overnight? Try a rest stop. Some even have nighttime security, Wifi and food.  We use Walmarts too, however, more and more are posting “No Overnight Parking” signs.  We like the Walmarts because you can do your late night or early morning shopping and than hit the road.  Our newest discovery is the travel centers like TA or Flying J.  They have huge parking lots behind them that the truckers use and some campers like us. They have gas and most have restaurants and showers if you need one.

Parents - Here are some easy, cheap travel tips for you!